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R&D Center
At Locus, we continuously strive to improve our CG tools and management systems we offer to our artists, directors, and managers.  Our full time developers at the Research & Development center have extensive experience from visual effects in major feature films and video game industry and have a structured development process to ensure that any new tool and features being integrated with our proprietary tools are efficiently implemented on time within our production schedules.
Our mission is to push the technological forefront to deliver the most efficient and elegant solutions to transfer our creativity to imagery without technical barriers.

Software Development Team
Software development group was teamed up with software engineers and C.G. technical directors from a comprehensive range of the industry: C.G. animation, visual effects, database server programming, UI and multi-media application development.  They’ve been developing proprietary software and plug-ins for Maya such as custom deformers, set dressing tools, custom media player, task tracking system, digital asset management system and etc.  Recently the team has started releasing some of the tools to the public and one of them, Locus Sync Player, was selected to Autodesk Exchange Apps featured apps.

Stereoscopic 3D Team
Stereoscopic team has developed a top-notched 2D to 3D converting techonologies with multiple patents. The team also has been researching and developing on steroscopic 3D, super-multi-view, glassesless 3D, hologram technologies for the next generation media in cooperation with ETRI and KETI.