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With proven capabilities in strategy, story writing and development boosted by a unique planning system and multiple story development pipelines, the Animation Development Division is committed to planning and developing animation works that can be enjoyed and shared by audiences all around the globe through its professional monitoring, doctoring and filtering process.

Animation Production Management Team
The team operates planning/development systems and manages creative talents to nurture and manage the systems and resources required to plan and develop contents including stories and characters in an integrated fashion. The team also has access to source contents and skilled talents, key requirements for media franchises, to outline and engineer related business.

Animation Planning & Writing Team
Composed of seasoned producers, directors and writers, Animation Planning & Writing Team is a creative group armed with systematic know-how on contents planning/development. The creative contents R&D system allows the team to develop multiple works that can be shared and appreciated by audiences around the world.

Animation Production Design Team
The Animation Production Design Team handles the visualization of all contents being planned and develops core images of concept design, character design, and artwork to materialize animations and characters in close cooperation with the story and character business team.