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The CGI Production Division has accumulated experience in the fields of highly advanced editing of live film with CGI, motion graphics, art planning, design capability, photo realistic digital creature & character implementation technology and stereoscopic 3D technology. Such experience enables our studio to win projects for TV commercials, VFX, CGI animation among others and further upgrades our digital creature & character businesses, ensuring stronger revenue streams and winning of overseas animation and VFX projects for in-house development of theatrical animation.

Composite Team
In charge of live film and CGI editing, the Composite Team serves various clients home and abroad in post-production for TV commercials with its highly advanced technology and skilled staff.

CGI Team
The CGI Team is in charge of 3D computer graphics and boasts top-class computer technicians with experience in various animation and VFX production both in Korea and abroad. While maintaining a healthy pipeline and proven track record, the team has strong expertise in digital character & creature production in VFX.

Art Team
In charge of Design and Artwork, the Art Team has professional designers in 3D artwork, motion graphic and drawing.